“A Divestment Christmas Carol”

This weekend, the Swarthmore Board of Managers (known as “Trustees” at any other school) held their Winter meeting on campus. We put on a show outside their meeting to emphasize the need for Swarthmore to stop its support of the destructive, deadly fossil fuel industry!

Through its investment managers, Swarthmore is invested in a number of awful companies, including ExxonMobil, Northern Oil & Gas, and many more. These companies show no regard for human life in their relentless pursuit of profit around the globe. Communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction have suffer devastating health impacts as a result of these companies, and Swarthmore’s direct support of them. Concerned citizens in these frontline communities have been organizing to defend themselves for decades–it’s high time that Swarthmore live up to its mantras of social justice and support these efforts, rather than the companies killing people, and the planet!