Seizures From Air and Water Contamination

Iris Marie Bloom of Protecting Our Waters has a new post detailing incidences of seizures resulting from the fossil fuel industry. It includes a link to this video, which underscores the fierce urgency of getting this message out:

Bloom writes,

What are we going to do, wait 30 years until we have the scientific “proof” that shows that the seizures people are describing — the seizure shown on the video — the seizures animals and people are beginning to experience in shale country in Pennsylvania — are in fact related to extreme fossil fuel extraction? We can’t wait. Because the word “seizure” used to crop up in my shale gas drilling research about once a month. And now it’s cropping up daily.

Extraction is a public health emergency. Corporations practicing it are nothing short of criminal. Colleges and universities must cease financing them NOW.


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