Email Investments Committee Chair Chris Niemczewski

The past month has been historic for Swarthmore College. The onging sit-in for divestment received a public endorsement from UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres (Class of 1979), got a visit from climate movement leader Bill McKibben, and have engaged 200 students, faculty, alumni, and community members in the longest sit-in in the history of the youth climate movement.

5 hours into our sit-in, the Board committed to putting divestment on the agenda for their meeting in May — but that’s no guarantee that they will end their meeting with a commitment for divestment, unless we keep up the pressure. That’s why we are doubling down so that come May 1st the Board knows that the Swarthmore community stands against the fossil fuel industry, and on the side of a just and sustainable future.

We need your help. The Board deeply respects the opinions of alumni. Please send a short email to Investments Committee Chair Chris Niemczewski and urge him to move forward on divestment in May (a paragraph is a great length).

Here are a few key messages you could include in the short note:

  • Tell him you expect progress on divestment to be announced at the May Board meeting
  • The international attention that is on Swarthmore, including the public call by UN Climate Chief Christiana Figueres (Swarthmore Class of 1979) for Mr. Niemczewski to move forward on divestment.
  • The historic opportunity Swarthmore has to take leadership in climate, and risk continued fossil fuel investments post to our reputation as an institution committed to civic responsibility.
  • If you have pledged not to donate, tell him Niemczewski why you are withholding your donations until the College divests.

Here is his email: Also, please carbon copy (‘cc’) the Board of Managers’ general email: