National Divestment Pledge of Action

On Monday Feb 2nd, 5 members of Mountain Justice presented our proposal to 5 Board members.

We were deeply disappointed. It was clear that the Board had not intended for this meeting to produce concrete outcomes.
The people with the most power to move our proposal forward — Investments Committee Chair Chris Niemczewski and Board Chair Gil Kemp — were not present. Given the urgency of the climate crisis and the mandate from the campus community for action, this is unacceptable.

Our pressure is already working, and Monday’s meeting made that clear. Board members confirmed that their recent action on climate, including the recent $12 million commitment to construct the new BEP building to LEED platinum standards, is because of our pressure. Several Board members expressed interest in working with MJ to identify fossil free investment opportunities. But it was clear that we need to step up the pressure to get Chris Niemczewski’s Investment Committee to move our proposal forward.

That’s why we are working with divestment campaigns around the world to step up the pressure together. Ahead of the nation-wide launch of the escalation pledge on Friday, We need as many pledges as possible.

If you pledge to escalate through nonviolent direct action over the course of the spring, add your name to this form. The next step is to get everyone on your campus to sign the pledge.

Questions? Check out our pledge FAQ!


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