Press Feed

10/30/14: The Power and Promise of Divestment

10/23/14: The College Must Recommit to Sustainability – The Swarthmore English Dept. Faculty Endorse Divestment

10/9/14: Op-ed: Clarifying the Divestment Theory of Change

10/1/14: March of the People

9/25/14: Swarthmore Phoenix Editorial Board: “Divestment is Possible and Necessary”

9/25/14: Swarthmore Phoenix: Students join in People’s Climate March

5/16/14: New York Times: A Clash of Ideals and Investments at Swarthmore

5/9/14: Newsweek: Stanford Pulls Its Coal Investments, but Why Haven’t Other Divestment Movements Succeeded?

4/28/14: Op-Ed: Tri-College Divestment Campaigns: Growing Stronger Together

4/9/14: Dissent Magazine: A Generation’s Call: Voices from the Student Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement

3/28/14: Swarthmore in Solidarity with the West Virginia Water Crisis: An Invitation

3/27/14: Leveraging Institutional Power

1/27/14: Students Hold Candlelight Vigil For Elk River Victims



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