Sample Message

The following is a sample message you can modify to send along to other Swarthmore alumni. However, personalized emails are always the best.

Dear ________,

My name is ________. I studied _______ at Swarthmore and graduated in ________. As you may know, Swarthmore students, faculty, and alumni are urging the Swarthmore Board of Managers to divest our endowment from the fossil fuel companies most responsible for climate change and reinvest that money in sustainable solutions to the climate crisis.  In 2011, Swarthmore students began the first ever fossil fuel divestment campaign. Since then, the movement has spread of over 500 campuses around the world. Pitzer College, Sweden’s largest public pension fund, and even the Rockefeller Foundation have committed to fossil fuel divestment.

As the campus where this international movement began, Swarthmore has an opportunity to show its commitment to social responsibility by joining this movement and aligning our endowment with our values as a community. Over 800 students, 300 alumni, and 60 faculty have already signed on in support of divestment. Yet, the Board has still resisted calls for divestment. Alumni support is critical to persuading the Board to make the right choice: make you voice hear and please sign our petition here.

The Board has argued for years that they cannot divest because our existing fund managers do not offer fossil free investment options.  However, Swarthmore’s largest financial advisor, Cambridge Associates, recently announced it will actively assist institutional investors in implementing fossil fuel divestment. Cambridge’s offer means that a plan for divestment is now just a phone call away. As climate change and our fossil fueled energy infrastructure cause millions of deaths a year, and the potential damage wrought by unchecked fossil fuel extraction is unthinkable. The Board of Managers cannot refuse this unprecedented opportunity to be a moral leader on climate change.

Please sign our alumni petition asking the Board of Managers to commit to developing a plan for divestment, and pass it on to others.

You can visit Swarthmore Mountain Justice’s website for more information and for answers to frequently-asked questions on divestment.


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